Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The Negotiator

My granddaughters are the light of my life.  For some time now, my husband and I have called our oldest granddaughter The Negotiator, and this is why. 

Like many good parents, our daughter and son-in-law give their children opportunities to make choices.  Typically, they’re given two choices:  Do you want to have water or milk for lunch?  Would you like to wear jeans of leggings today? We can go to Grammy and Papa's after nap.  Like that.

However, Miss Negotiator has her own ideas:  I want juice for lunch.  I would like to wear a dress today. I can take a nap AT Grammy and Papa's.  This just cracks me up. 

Typically, given two choices, kiddos will actually choose one of the options suggested.  But not this little three year old sweetie.  She has her own ideas and she’s not afraid to share them!

 Sometimes her negotiating skills wear her parents out, I know.  But in the long run, for me it’s satisfying to know that she can think on her feet, come up with creative solutions, and go for what she wants.   I hope she never changes.

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