Wednesday, February 17, 2016


Chairs hold sentimental meaning.  I’m not sure if any other furniture holds the kind of appeal that a chair does. Everybody has a favorite chair or “spot” they like to sit in/on.  On the sitcom Big Bang Theory, Leonard’s room-mate, Sheldon goes off the deep end if anyone sits in his spot.  In the sitcom The Goldbergs, Murry Goldberg drops his pants at the door after work and spends the rest of the evening in his recliner wearing only tightie-whities and a dress shirt. And, in the movie Phenomenon, Robert Duvall’s character questions John Travolta’s character’s commitment to his chair-making girlfriend by asking, (in the way only Robert Duvall can,) “Do you buy her chairs?”

Tim with our first grandbaby
relaxing in the old recliner.

There are several traditions that involve an empty chair at the dinner table.  These empty chairs represent remembrance for someone who has passed away, or remembering a deployed family member who cannot be at the feast, or even the tradition of leaving an open chair for an unexpected guest.

I think chairs are symbols.  Symbols of home, safety, and comfort.  Chairs also signal respect. Men stand up when a particular person enters the room.  People give up their seats on public transportation for those they believe are in more need of a place to sit. The head of the table is reserved for the C.E.O. or Daddy.  Kids get their hynnies out of Dad’s chair and move to a different spot when he’s ready to sit down and relax.

The new recliner awaits...
Today we got a new chair.  The old recliner bit the dust several years ago.  We still used it for a couple years (way) after its prime, before I convinced the family that it was time to let it go.  We went without a recliner for a few years, but realized recently that we needed one again.  So today, we picked up the new chair.  We know it will take a little while to “break in” our new chair, but we’re looking forward to years of laughing, relaxing and sleeping it.
I think I'll go take a nap in the new chair.
Until next time,
Be Good to Yourself.

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