Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Computer Updates: Why can't it be easier?

UUURRRGG! We, my computer and I, just updated to Windows 10. My computer has been running more slowly lately so I thought I should shut it down and do a restart so that it could update. Boy did it. 

All of my files are intact but everything looks different! Even my desktop wallpaper picture is gone! In its place is a four-pane window with a blue light – a shining Windows 10 light- glowing through, and I suppose, lighting up the black screen of my previous Windows life. I’m going to be spending hours getting this beee-awch (say it phonetically) back to the way I’m used to.

Singer, Jason Mraz
That’s life. It throws changes and challenges our way all the time.  Even if we agree to the change, it’s sometimes just hard to do.  I have the Jason Mraz YES! CD, and on that CD is a song called 3 Things.  It’s about what Jason does when his life falls apart. Now updating the computer is not exactly life altering, but that song can be a touchstone for problems big and small. As you may already know, I really like song lyrics and I’d like to share this one with you today.

The song says to first; acknowledge that there is a problem. Second, be thankful for what you have that is true and good. Third, move on.

So my first thing is this here rant on my blog about computer updates. (Sorry about that, dear reader.) My second thing is that I’m thankful I have a computer to use and that I can read and write and communicate my thoughts and ideas through this medium. My third thing is to just dig in and get my computer organized in a way that I recognize. Easy peasy. Sometimes. And sometimes not so much.

So what’s bugging you today? Take a listen to Jason’s song (the link is below) and give his 3 things a try.  I’m off to work on my third thing.  See you next time.
Until then,

Be Good to Yourself.

P.S. If you have any advice/tricks on how to best use Windows 10, I’d love to hear it.

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