Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Let Him Lead


Sometimes when you hear stories about God’s works, it’s kind of hard to believe.  Even though you believe in God, and trust in Him, sometimes it seems alien to try to comprehend some of the mysteries and miracles. 

Our priest shared a vision he had while he was on sabbatical.  It somehow seems hard to believe, and yet I trust our priest in every way. 

Erin and Phil were blessed by God on the first day they went back to the Church after a long absence.  Their Florida parish priest told a story of a lost dog in Fairbanks Alaska, and how he found his way back.   What you may not know is that Erin and Phil had just moved to Florida from Fairbanks!  Now I believe it was God’s hand that gave that story to that priest in that church on that day.  In fact it gives me chills sometimes just thinking about it! 

Last weekend my sister and her husband traveled 8 hours west on I-80 from her home, which is 4 four hours east of mine, to visit our parents.  Also, last weekend my husband and I traveled 2 ½ hours west on I-80 to visit his parents.  On Sunday morning my sister and I texted back and forth, letting each other know that we were on our way back to our respective homes.

We were about 40 minutes from home and decided that we couldn’t wait until we got home to use the bathroom.  Since there are no rest stops between that point and our house, we ramped off I-80 and went to a gas station. As we were walking out of the building my husband pointed and said, “Look who’s here!”

Sure enough, by God’s good grace, my sister and her husband were pumping gas!  Think of it…. 8 hours times 70 mph equals 560 miles.  And  2.5 hours times 70mph equals 175 miles.  This reminds me of the old algebra story problem of  “when will the 2 trains meet?”  It’s like finding a needle in a haystack!  It’s not a coincidence that we chose the same ramp, same gas station, and same time to stop. It’s not. We hugged and kissed and talked and were thrilled to see each other and knew it was God’s hand at work.

So when my priest saw his vision, why did I not have the same feeling?  What makes one mystery or miracle easier to believe?  God’s “level of miracle” ?? That’s a silly thought.  That’s like saying a flood is not a flood at 5 feet, but that it is at 10 feet.  Like saying someone has “a little” cancer or is a ‘little’ pregnant.  It is or it isn’t.

There is no “gray area” in miracles, is there? 

Believe or believe not, says Yoda.

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