Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Give Me Some Space!


A few months ago my husband, Tim, suggested I turn one of our spare bedrooms into an office.  I guess he was getting tired of seeing all my reading and writing materials scattered on the dining room table.  Or maybe he just thought I’d like a space of my own.  When he made the suggestion, I didn’t even need time to think about it.  My response was, “I know exactly what color I’m going to paint it!”

I think, as a mom, you never really contemplate having a space of your own.  Most men I know have  man caves, shops, or garages to call their own, but I’d never even considered having my own space.  Once the idea was planted, it grew like Jack’s beanstalk (and was as demanding as Seymour’s Venus Fly trap!) I covered my daughter Erin’s turquoise walls- that I helped her paint ten years ago- with a warm grey.  I went Pinterest crazy by refurbishing old furniture and DIY decorating. Finally, the room was ready… all except one thing: perhaps the most important thing- a desk!  We’d been all over our city looking through thrift shops and resale furniture stores for just the right desk, with no luck.

I was ready to set up a card table, just so that I could get busy with my writing when Tim mentioned our weekend odyssey/adventure/trek to our son, Nate. Nate said, “Let me talk to Mom.” So I got on the phone and Nate told me to send him a picture of what I wanted and he would make it for me.   I was so surprised and excited.  I said, “You can do that?” (Duh on my part.)

Several weeks later, I was presented a beautiful wooden (oak?) gray-stained secretary’s desk to call my own.  It is the crowning touch to My Office.  I love my office.  It gives me a happy place to think, dream, and create.  It’s filled loving touches from each member of my family-- the desk Nate created, some of Erin’s art work, some of my craft projects, and two pieces from my husband: a professionally framed autograph I got from astronaut Alan Bean some twenty years ago, and a brilliant snowy photograph on canvas that he took last winter.

We all need our own space sometimes.  But it’s really special if that space reminds you that you’re loved.

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