Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Butterscotch Candy


My father-in-law, Dave, always carries wrapped hard candies in his pocket. Some of them he enjoys himself, but mostly, he gives them away. He’s done for at least the thirty-four years I’ve known him and more than likely even longer than that.

Over the Thanksgiving weekend, he and my mother-in-law were here for a visit. The family decided to go see a local greenhouse’s Christmas finery.  As we were walking through the rows and rows of Poinsettias, a young woman asked if we needed any assistance.  We replied no thanks, and that we were just looking around. 

But then my father-in-law said to her, “You look like you could use some candy,” as he held a butterscotch in the palm of his hand. Her face brightened.  I swear, even the freckles across her nose became more noticeable.  She smiled, said thanks, and took the candy.  This transaction took less than ten seconds, but it made and impression.  It made an impression on me, too.  The look on her face was golden.

As we walked away, I said to Dave, “You used to give out peppermints.  Why did you change to butterscotch?”  His reply? “Too many people have problems [digestion, flavor; etcetera] with mints.” I thought to myself: He changed his candy to please other people. Then I said to him, “You’re giving God’s good grace one piece of candy at a time.”

And he is.

This whole candy-giving thing got me to thinking about how I show God’s grace.  What do I do, what do I say to show His glory? What have I done to be the good I wish to see in the world ?   I came up with a “what I’ve done(recently)” list:

1.    I gave a young father’s child pen and paper while we were in a restaurant to keep the child occupied and out of trouble while the other adults chatted.

2.    I say ‘excuse me’ in stores when I cross paths with other patrons.

3.    I keep my classroom stocked with candy for all of the ESL students in night classes.

4.    If someone drops/spills something; I pick it up, or help them pick up.

It’s rather humbling to make a list.  It makes me think I can do more, if I put my mind to it.  If I make IT a priority.  How will I show God’s grace??? I’ll let you know in future posts what I come up with.

In the meantime, maybe you'll want to try this little experiment too!  I'd love to hear how it goes for you.

And, as always, be good to yourself,


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