Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Tek the Modern Cave Boy: A Review

A new children’s book being added to our library’s collection caught my attention today.

At first, I thought Tek The Modern Cave Boy was a baby board book because the front and back covers are so thick and board like. They were smooth and black, resembling, an i-phone. However, when I opened the book, I was surprised to see regular paper pages. And, you know, that first page had me hooked. This is just what an author works for: a cover that gets noticed and a first page that hooks the reader!

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That very first page looked like a three-by- three  i-pad security keyboard screen, but instead of numbers zero thorough nine, it had a mixed up variety of letters of the alphabet. The next page highlighted the security password: T E K. ---- And we were in! Time to read!

Tek, a little caveman boy who won’t do anything except game is missing out on all the adventures his world has to offer--- he could be seeing real live dinosaurs but he doesn’t even care! Evolution happens. He doesn’t care. His parents intervene- to no avail. All Tek ever does is game. (I love how the art work tells the story too.)

That is, until a volcano has a huge explosion and Tek’s tiny, narrow world changes.
This cute story, written by Mutt’s creative genius, Patrick McDonnell, tells a cautionary tale of how a person can get pulled into technology causing erosion of all other interests and activities.

I’ve written about the infiltration of technology into our daily life in previous posts. It’s a real problem. Patrick McDonnell’s approach to this topic is fun and hopefully, will be inspiring to young readers and their parents.

Look for this book at your local friendly library or bookstore. You won’t be disappointed.

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