Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Top 10 Reasons Why I Like Thanksgiving Over Christmas

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OK. Let’s get this straight. I am a Christian. I am thankful for the Gift of Jesus. I am thankful for God’s Graces in my life. I celebrate the Birth of the Christ Child.

But. I don’t like the Christmas season. There. I’ve said it. I don’t think I’m a Grinch or a Scrooge. I don’t rain (or more likely, snow) on other people's Christmas parade, I just silently wait for January to come. 

Let me tell you why I like Thanksgiving over Christmas, and then maybe you’ll understand.

Number Ten: Its typically not as cold and snowy at Thanksgiving making travel less stressful.
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Number Nine: The “Food Train” last for two days, three at the most, not for the whole month.

Number Eight: Thanksgiving food involves pie. That’s all. No cookies. No candies. Just pie.

#6: The extent of my Fall/Thanksgiving
Number Seven: There are no Thanksgiving songs on the radio.

Number Six: Thanksgiving decorating equals Fall decorating. Fall lasts three months. Yay!

Number Five: To go with number six, My Thanksgiving decorations take up next to nothing of my storage space.

Number Four: Shopping lasts one afternoon. And it's just food.

# 5: Christmas decorations.
I have a few new ones, too!
Number Three: There are no physical gifts at Thanksgiving.

Number Two: Thanksgiving is not a *Consumerism Trojan Horse.

Number One: Thanksgiving gives us the opportunity to think about and be thankful for the graces in our lives, not the purchases we and our loved ones, friends, acquaintances, employees, employers, etcetera, will be making.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!
Until next time,
Yep.Shopping has commenced.
(I am not immune to it all, either.
 I really enjoy giving gifts to my loved ones.)
Be Good to Yourself.

*Metaphorically, the Trojan Horse is the invasion of something insidious into your life. Think about it: “Happy Holidays” rather than “Merry Christmas” and decorations filling the stores by Halloween. Black Friday. This year Black Friday is every Friday in November.  Cyber Monday. Consumerism run rampant - it just sucks us in -the tail wagging the dog. 

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