Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Wastin' all of my Time...

We’re off to a new year. 2017. Wow!

Making the best of the New Year is a common theme for most of us right now.  Setting personal and work goals, getting rid of bad habits, uncluttering, and living simply are typically part of the agenda.
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For me, procrastination and unfocused time use is a bad habit that I need to take a good long look at.  In my mind, I have particular things that I NEED to do on a daily basis. 

They are:
1.    Spiritual reading, meditation and prayer 
2.    Exercise
3.    Housework/Errands
4.    Writing (It has to be done like a job if I want to get anywhere with this thing!)
5.    Reading (Yes it is a Need!)
6.    Family time/ meals
7.    Part-time job at library

You know what gets left out most? Numbers one and two.(TSK!)  
Number three and five get the most attention. (And my house isn’t even that clean!) 
Numbers four and six are lacking my time more often that I’d like to admit. 
Number seven I’m nailing! (I’ve always been a good employee—I’ve got my parents’ expectations growing up to thank for that.)

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I need to take an honest look at my day and create a plan where all of these things can be attained. Saying that I’m going to do them all daily from now on would be a plan for failure. I need to be realistic. Maybe get number one and two accomplished three times a week would be a better plan for success???? That’s where I’ll start. When I’m successful with that, I can add more to it.

Really, I have to stop and think about how I want to spend my day. I am aware of some of my time wasters. I need to be in tune with my day and make productive choices!

How are you doing with setting goals and changing habits? It’s hard, isn’t it?!

Until next time,

Be Good to Yourself,


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