Wednesday, January 25, 2017

i-Nature via i-Phone

My friend Kathy Huston takes fantastic nature-themed photos. She started taking these types of pictures with her i-phone when she and her family moved to the county. Taking walks through the woods is undoubtedly more interesting than walks through suburban neighborhoods. Eventually she got a real camera and she was off and running trying new ways to capture her world. Her pictures just keep getting better and better.


Above photos courtesy of Kathy Huston!!!

Me reading That Tree by Mark Hirsch
Mark Hirsch, creator of ThatTree used his i-phone, along with some cool phone photo apps, to take a picture of the same burr oak tree every day for one year. 

Tim and I were able to go to a presentation he gave about the making of his photographic opus. We were so impressed with his work, we even bought his book. I enjoy looking at the book and envisioning how he got each picture.

Early this fall, I was inspired by my friend Kathy’s love of finding just the right angle, light, and presentation of her subjects in nature, along with Mark Hirsch’s use of only his i-phone camera, when I set out on a little photo-shoot of my own.

I hope you enjoy this touch of summer/fall in the middle of nasty ol’ winter.


Dew drops on blades of grass~ "Egg yolk" flowers from my childhood joined by a little tan fox tail~ The foliage gone makes the stem of this plant look spidery.


I switched my phone/camera to black and white and laid on the ground to get this shot. The mushroom looks like an elf house to me!~ These little white flowers almost got overlooked. They're smaller than a dime! So lush, I think the plant didn't realize it was fall!


Beautiful yet poisonous! Every hiker's nemesis: Poison Ivy!


My favorite picture, I think. The Velvet Leaf seed pod looks like a star!


Green leaf tipped in vibrant purple.~ We called these "Chinese Lanterns" when I was a kid.~ A true sign of winter's coming: The Woolly Bear caterpillar!

But now spring is just around the corner!

Until next time,

Be Good to Yourself!


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