Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Holy Moley...

You ever get that feeling that you’re in a place, a physical place; that is Holy?

Our creek never freezes over. It's spring fed.
Photo by Tim.
A few years ago, Tim and I were walking through our woods after a heavy snow. We made our way through the fields and deciduous trees to our evergreens. The snow was deep and heavy and the walk was difficult. The trees’ wide evergreen branches were laden with glittering snow. The sky, clear and cornflower blue.

Everything was silent.

It was beautiful. Crisp. Clean. Pure.

Courtesy of Goggle Images

As we walked among and through the trees, I got a deep sense of peace. I told Tim, “If I ever forget there’s a God, remind me of this walk.”

Yesterday, I got that same sense, but I wasn’t in the woods. I wasn’t surrounded by nature. I got that Sense of God’s Presence simply walking through the parking lot of a building I was about to enter.

I went to a coffee for prospective volunteers at the Women’s Choice Center, a pro-life Christian non-profit organization created to help women. The center offers options and prenatal services to all pregnant women.

Not-so-ironically, it’s located across the street from Planned Parenthood. Many babies have been saved and lives changed because of the work done in this building. As part of my tour, I saw 3-D ultrasound images of twins at 12 weeks gestation. It was incredible!

Courtesy of fotojenny on DeviantArt
LOVE is the key in this place. No one is turned away. NO one is judged. 

Their goal is to give pregnant women (and their men or mothers/fathers) all the information they possibly can to help woman and their families make informed decisions.

I left that place emotionally drained yet so hopeful. And thankful for the people who love me.

LOVE. It’s the key.

Until next time,
Be Good to Yourself.


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