Wednesday, February 15, 2017

MacGyver It

Today’s blog includes a free lesson about nouns and verbs. You’re welcome.

Nouns are words that name people (Nadine), place (home) or a thing (computer.)

A verb is a word that names action (typing, reading, thinking.)

However, there are times when a noun becomes a verb. Confused?
Let me show you what I mean.

When someone needs to find information they say. “I’ll just Google it.” But Google is a noun, it's a place or thing.  So when someone says they’ll “Google It” what they’re actually DOING is looking for information. Looking is an action- a verb.

How about this one:  Someone says, “I’ll Text you.” Text is a noun, a thing you look at. When someone says they’ll text me, they mean they’ll type and send me a message. Type and send are verbs.

Richard Dean Anderson
Courtesy of Google Images
In the 1980’s and 90’s there was a t.v. show called MacGyver.  The main character (MacGyver) was played by actor Richard Dean Anderson. MacGyver was a secret agent who had a knack for creating something from nothing. He always got his man by creating some tool or aid to get himself out of tight spots.

Lucas Till
Courtesy of Google Images
The show is growing in popularity again. A new (‘rebooted’ it’s called) MacGyver series aired for the first time in September of 2016. Lucas Till plays MacGyver.

MacGyver is a person. A noun. But his legendary skills eventually turned his name into a verb. If I say I MacGyvered it, that means I created, fixed, repaired, taped, or glued something.

Today I MacGyvered my sewing machine. 

The little arm to the right is the
attachment I need.
Image courtesy Google
I needed a sewing guide. It’s an attachment that aids in sewing straight lines. So after Googling it and going to two different sewing shops I found out that because my machine is old and cheap, there’s no such attachment available.

Top: My MacGyvered attatchment.
Bottom: Attachment arm skims along the seam.
I decided I’d just try to make something myself. I went to Tim’s workroom and started rummaging around. After several tries, I came up with a piece of copper wire, an Allen wrench, electrical tape and two clothespins. I put it all together and…Viola!! It worked! 

I think I got my skills from my dad. He's been MacGyvering the shit out of everything way before MacGyver was even a thing.

It’s very rewarding to solve a problem with your own ingenuity and junk from around your house. Give it a try.

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