Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Imagining My Book Cover

A writing group I attend had a presentation on how to create your own book cover. There are many sources out there to use. Some are free. Some are not. Copyright infringement is the biggest issue when creating a cover using images. It’s a no-no, even if you don’t realize you’re infringing on a copyright- you’re wrong and open to a lawsuit!
"The highway of life." Time gets by us.
Otto drawing a tattoo design.

With that being said, I believe most of the images I’ve used are free. If I have inadvertently used a copyrighted image, be assured that it is not being used and will never be used for profit. I am not selling a book. I am merely using my imagination to create, much as an artist uses paints and a sculptor uses clay.

The book covers here were created at a site called Canva at

Time flies.
Northern lights.
I would like your input on which book cover draws your attention and why. Are you more likely to pick a book by its cover image? Or will you pick a book by the colors used to create the cover?

I know that a book’s title is an important draw. I hope that someday this title will have the chance to be critiqued by an agent. I am not stuck on this title, I just seems like a reasonable choice to me, thanks to my friend and beta reader, Bekah’s suggestion. During the writing process, I called this story Tattoo Man.

So, if you could, let me know which of these covers strikes you. Thanks for your input!

Until next time,
Be Good to Yourself.



  1. I think the one that would make me pick it up is of the guy drawing.