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Playing Cards and Other Sports

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How many of us have watched, LIVE from Los Vegas, The World Series of Poker? I see a lot of smiles out there- all of us have, right?

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Playing cards have been around for nearly as long as paper, literally. The Chinese invented paper around 100 BC. And with that done, they invented playing cards somewhere between the fourth and nineteenth centuries. Playing cards, in various forms, have been around for many centuries.

The cards we’re familiar with are the English version with clubs, spades, hearts, and diamonds as suit names. Other countries have named their suits differently, but they all work in the same way during a game.

THE perfect Eucre hand!
Our family has always played cards. My favorite card game is Eucre. Even within that game, I know several playing variations and score-keeping variations. I learned how to play Eucre a long time ago.

Before my husband and I were married, we’d get together with a bunch of his relatives and play. For a couple of years I considered myself a “dummy hand” or a “space filler.” But the more I played the better I got.
Now, in my extended family, asking, ‘Would anyone like to play cards?’ everyone of them would be able to produce a deck from their purse, pocket, suitcase, or car.
Have cards, will play.

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When we went to Disney in Florida, we played a game called Pass the Ace while waiting in line. If you’ve been to DisneyWorld, you know the lines are long and the waits are forever. 

The cool thing about Pass the Ace in particular, is that any number of people can play anywhere they happen to be. No table or scorecard required. I have a link right here with directions on how to play Pass the Ace.

We play Poker when we go bowling too. For each spare you’re allowed to draw one card from the deck, for each strike, you draw two. The person (or team) with the best poker hand at the end of the game wins! It makes bowling just that much more fun.

The youngest children in the family play cards too. From the time they’re babies they sit on laps and watch. As they grow older, they’re encouraged to throw a card out into play for the person they’re sitting with. When they can hold cards on their own, they learn Go Fish and Kings in the Corner.

                 My little card helper, Erin's daughter,Adalyn.

Adalyn on her own!

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We play cards in airports. It passes the time and a lot of people stop to watch or ask what we’re playing.
Just recently our daughter and her husband went away for a long weekend. As she was jumping into the car for the airport I said, “I know this is a dumb question, but did you pack cards?” She said, “Got ‘em in my purse!”
Way to go, Erin, keeping with the family traditions.
What family traditions do you carry on?
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