Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Dreams are weird.

Not the kind of dreams that you build goals from.

The kind of dreams I’m talking about are the ones you have when sleeping.

This is my sis. She's the one driving
in my dream.

Just the other night I had a dream that I was riding in a car, with my sister at the wheel. It was night-time and she was going up the long driveway toward well-lit large, white mansion. There was a curve in the drive and she was going too fast. She put on the brakes and was able to almost stop just before hitting an ornate cement railing. 
The car bumper barely tapped the railing, yet a big section broke off and tipped over.

That was it. What in the world? Weird.

So, like any normal, sane person I decide to look up what things in dreams symbolize. And here goes…

Sisters in a dream are generally considered a positive vibe, unless something bad is happening to her/because of her. I don’t consider driving too fast as necessarly a bad thing, so I’m taking my sis in the dream as a positive.

Courtesy of Google Images
A mansion in a dream can mean that you’re opening yourself to “greater levels of abundance.” What?  Um, well, maybe it’s that a few months ago I started volunteering at a woman’s health center and I’m learning a lot about serving others in need. 

Or maybe it’s a symbol of my abundance in taking a vacation to Florida soon…

Riding in a car that’s being driven too fast could be about – and get this- “an illness or injury has or will occur.” 
Did I mention that I have a bum knee? An MRI is scheduled. My Florida trip is coming up fast and I have a knee injury that may throw a big nasty kink in the trip….

If you dream about driving at night it might be that you feel something is not a good as it used to be.

Yeah, my knee. It’s not what it used to be.

If you’re a passenger in a dream it may mean that you’re following the crowd. Again, my volunteer opportunity has changed how I look at things… how I serve God and others… and it makes me think about my relationships.

GAA! I think my head might explode! According to the dream symbolism websites, my dream says I’m worried about my knee and my vacation being on a collision course (pun intended.) And that my ideals are evolving. Oh, and of course, that I love my sister (or she gets us into trouble...)

Yeah. That.

Or maybe it’s just that I saw a friend the other day who is steadily healing from a bad car accident.

Or maybe I just ate too late. Or think too much.

Any who, this has to be my weirdest blog post to date.

(I blame my bum knee.)

Until next time,

Be Good to Yourself.


P.S. I prefer goal-building dreams.

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