Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Nashville Predators: Dream the Dream

Bridgestone Arena. Photo by me.
It was Saturday, May 6th. We were in Nashville, Tennessee enjoying great music in the atmosphere of Hopes and Dreams.  We heard that the hockey team was to play a home game on Sunday night at the huge Bridgestone Arena right next to “Honky-Tonk Row” on Broadway. No problem. No big deal. Nashville’s not a hockey town; Nashville is a music town. The downtown won’t be any more busy or crowed than usual. Nobody cares about sports here.


Sunday, May 7th and we head downtown for another entertaining day of watching great musicians do what they do best. The streets of Nashville were hopping with people and we’re part of the crowd. Except, as the day grew so did the number of hockey jerseys. Yellow Nashville Predator’s jerseys popped up like dandelions in a field on a hot summer day.

Everyone was a Predators fan and we suddenly found ourselves swept up in the excitement of the Nashville fans. They were so close we found out, only 2 games stood between them and the possibility of playing for the Stanley Cup!

When we got back home from Nashville, we continued to watch the Predators. And they made it! They made it to the Big Show- the Stanley Cup series! For a month we watched the Preds. We got a chuckle out of big country stars jockey for a chance to sing the national anthem and grab a piece of the spotlight and we got to know the team’s players a bit too. We felt like the Predators were our Home Team.

Fast forward to June 11th. Stanley Cup Series game number six was about to happen at Bridgestone Arena. We turn on the TV and what do we see? Country super-star Luke Bryan giving a concert in THE EXACT SPOT WE STOOD only a month earlier!- The third floor of balcony of Tootsies Orchid Lounge. 

Courtesy of Google. Broadway screening of Game 6
The Preds are playing at the arena in the back center of photo.

It’s surreal to see a place on TV and know you were just there! Only this time Broadway was a sea of yellow jerseys that rolled on for several blocks.

I think Tim and I have adopted Nashville and the Predators as our home-away-from-home home town and home team.

The Predators did not win the Stanley Cup this year. But that’s o.k. They gave the Penguins a run for their money. The Stanley Cup is in the Pred’s future. They’re closer to it today than they have ever been in all their 18 years prior.

Nashville is a town of dreams. That’s what I love about the place. Follow your dreams. Dreams can come true.

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