Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Travel. It's Good for You

I’m very fortunate to have the ability and opportunity to travel.

I believe going to other places, seeing how other people live, learning about area history, and getting a glimpse of the majesty of the earth God created would help all of us see the world from other perspectives. 

Maybe there would be less hate in the world if everyone could visit the oceans, the mountains, deserts, and, of course, miles of Midwest cornfields.

I just returned from a "girl’s trip" to Florida on the Gulf coast. Here are some of my favorite things from that trip.

The sun sets over the Gulf.

Four adult dolphins help the baby (in the center) learn how to dive and breathe. It was fantastic to watch!

This picture is a favorite because of the old pylons. The birds seemed unconcerned by all the people and boats buzzing around them.

Flora and fauna are always my favorite things to explore. How about a few red, white, and blue flowers in celebration of Independence Day!

911 Memorial outside a local fire station. Never forget.

When given the chance, travel.

Until next time,

Be Good to Yourself!


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  1. Pretty neat photos. The dolphins had to have been entertaining to watch.