Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Procrastination (Poop Potato)...

I’m a procrastinator and it drives me crazy. At least, I’m a procrastinator when it comes to writing.  And I love to write, so what’s the deal? What’s my problem?

Every week I make a blog post on Wednesday.  And every week it seems like I’m sitting in front of my computer- scrambling to get an idea to write about or if I do have an idea, I’m scrambling to get the post written. Every week. It’s ridiculous.  Like I don’t have a moment’s time to do it before Wednesday morning? Yeah, but I do. 

And this procrastination of mine has bitten me in the butt more than once.  Some of my posts are missing details and key ideas that I think of after I’ve posted.  If I would have written the piece earlier in the week, I would have given myself some time to think about my copy and add to/edit what I’d written before posting day.  Also, even though I try hard to catch all typing errors, I don’t.  Again, because I’m not making enough time to let the work simmer before I throw it out there.

I’m also working on my pitch to get an agent to look at my first book.  I have procrastinated the hell out of this.  I keep re-writing and word jockeying the query letter. To make matters worse, I do about a million things before I get down to this number one priority task.

For example, today, instead of working on trying to sell my book I’ve:

1.    Looked at Facebook
See number 8 on my list...

2.    Read the newspaper

3.    Researched chalkboard art on Pinterest

4.    Checked my NCAA bracket standings (like I really care!)

5.    Hung a picture in my office

6.    Laundry

7.    And….. wrote this blog post (did I mention that today is Sunday?)

8.    Spent a ridiculous amount of time looking for clip art for this blog post.

Thinking and plotting is not procrastination.
Avoiding thinking and plotting is.

So it goes.

Until next time,

Be Good to Yourself.

P.S. Today is Wednesday, and guess what?  I found three typing errors and clarified a couple of sentences...hummmmm...

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