Saturday, March 12, 2016


This week my two granddaughter’s baby sister was born. Now I have three beautiful granddaughters!

I had the privilege of seeing them meet their new sister.  They were so excited and curious.  Their love for their new sibling is a testament to how well their parents prepared them for the change that would take place in the family dynamics.

Sister-brother sibling relationships are different from sister-sister sibling relationships, I think.  Sisters are complex. Love/Hate, Laugh/Cry, Play/Fight—it’s all rolled together in a sparkly/dusty ball of emotion.

I’ve been thinking about my sister a lot this week. Snapshots of our childhood, teen years, and early adulthood have been flashing through my mind. My sister bought me my first Cabbage Patch Kid. We were in our teens and they were all the rage and hard to come by.  My CPK is a boy (the girl dolls were always sold out) named Augie Benson. (I remember his name but can’t remember his birthday and the little tag with that information was ripped off and lost long ago.) She is also the person who made me haul my ass all over town in our old 1965 three- on –the- tree turquois blue Impala, because I got my driver’s license a year before her and she thought riding around was cool. So did I, but I was sure our parents would kill us if they found out, and was too nervous to really enjoy myself. (I always had an excuse ready: “We wanted ice cream and DQ is all the way across town.”)

The thing about having a sister and being a sister is that your relationship tends to ebb and flow.  Raising kids, jobs, moving, husbands—all contribute to the complexities of sisterhood. The cool and lucky thing for me, is that now we’re both empty-nesters and we’ve sort of rediscovered each other.  My life would not be the same without my sister. Love you sis.
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