Wednesday, May 4, 2016

You Can Lead a Horse to Water, But You Can’t Make Him Drink - A story by me.

Tried as she might, she couldn’t get that pony to drink. It was a glorious day.  Sunshine cascaded in sparkling rays over the paddock. Breezes waved over the ponies and lifted the scent of evergreen, hay, and lavender into the air. Cool, sweet, green grass beckoned to be nibbled. The other ponies appreciated their ability to trot, canter, sprint, and gallop, but not this pony.  Trainer should be happy, her herd was successful. But she wasn’t happy and it was because of this one single misguided, stubborn, myopic pony. All he wanted to do was lie around in the dark, damp barn and hope Trainer would just leave him alone.

Trainer sighed and looked out the dusty window at all of her working horses.  Maybe she could just leave this one here?  The mare and stud who sired him were content to have this colt stay in the barn. They had no expectations, therefore he had no expectations. So many horses lead their colts to water and show them how to drink.  Some sires needed assistance from Trainer to show them how to help their pony. She was a good and dedicated trainer, and she wanted all of her herd to succeed.  

Sometimes leading a horse to water over and over will help it understand what it is to do; what is important and worthy of its effort.  She would hold a cup up to the pony and whisper words of encouragement to help the pony feel confident enough to succeed.  

Ponies learn at their own rate. Patience is required, but given time and practice, all ponies can be successful if they want to be; and Trainer was patient. But Boss Man wasn’t. He wanted success and he wanted it NOW! Why can’t this one pony drink? What are you doing wrong, Trainer?

Parents are a child's first and most important teacher. The one at school can only accomplish what you deem important for your child. Think about it--- sports? TV? or homework, playtime, and books? What's important to the parents is what will be important to their children.

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