Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Craft Club

I have a group of friends that I do crafts with. We call our get-togethers Craft Club.

My friend Karen is the mastermind and creative guru for the rest of us girls. (She even has her own craft-room! It’s like a Man Cave only better.) We do what she says and our crafts usually turn out pretty nice.  I didn’t think I would like doing crafts and I was skeptical of my creative abilities, but this group of girls makes it fun. We eat. We drink. We laugh. We encourage.

Some of my projects have turned out better than others. Sometimes I am pleasantly surprised in what I’ve created.  The Hearts-on-a-Stick craft involved a lot of hand sewing. I found that I really enjoy sewing and have now taken up 

Below is a little photo gallery of some of our crafts over the past couple of years.
Halloween Door Hanging
Christmas Painting
Hearts-on-a-Stick sewing craft
Fourth of July Wreath

So, this week I ventured out on my own in the crafting department. I found a door “wreath” on Pinterest that I liked and thought I could probably pull it off. I’m happy with the outcome. I think my Craft Club girls will be impressed too!
$3.98 Walmart Spray
$2.99 particle board
(not real wood) letter R
$5.00 picture from Goodwill.
I only needed the frame so I
removed the picture and glass

Sandpaper, paint, and super glue.
Inviting front door on a budget.

My Pinterest inspiration.
My Pin-spiration!

I would love to see and hear about any craft projects ---or really any project--- that you’ve had fun with or learned from.

Until next time,

Be Good to Yourself,


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